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Wealthit’s about more than just money…

We know good Financial planning will change your life. It will open up new opportunities for you and put you on a path to a wealthy future. However, true wealth in life is about more than money. We therefore help you use money as a tool to live how you choose without worry. 

At Encompass Wealth, we practise Financial Life Planning. It is about partnering with you and helping you live your best life each and every day. We are all human and will experience different moments in life such as – starting out, partnering, welcoming children in this world, uncoupling (divorcing), changing careers, dealing with challenging health, changing gears, planning to retire, needing care, and bereavement. At every point, critical and sometimes difficult decisions need to be made. These situations and the emotions we experience affect the decisions we make.

Your journey is important to us and understanding your motivations, requirements and goals is the foundation of our relationship. We pride ourselves on our ability to guide you through life’s challenges and seek to empower you to make financial decisions wisely. Through education, coaching and mentoring, you will understand what you are truly capable of achieving.

We only have one life to live so live it with purpose and make your time count. Life is about passion, connection and relationships. It shouldn’t be spent worrying about the financial aspects. We focus on your total wealth by seeking to understand your family, your health, your financial situation and you. By identifying your belief set, including your hopes and dreams for the future, we help turn those cherished hopes and dreams into reality.


We look forward to being of service to you through your life’s journey. Helping you to navigate challenges and feel a true sense of security and comfort surrounding your future is what drives us. Time is precious, and we believe you should make the most of it and live your best life.


Encompass your wealth – your life, your finances – your total wealth….


We offer a Broad Range


We are Financial Life Planners which means we focus on you, where you are in your life journey and where you want to get to.  We work with you, to best help you achieve your future financial plans.  Our financial planning services include:

Identifying your Life Goals

Cashflow management

Risk Literacy review

Investment Planning

Debt Management

Superannuation & Retirement Planning (incl. Home & Aged Care)

Estate Planning

We also offer our expertise in these supporting services:

Money Coaching

Life Coaching

Transition and Retirement Coaching

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What is your money profile? Helping you understand your relationship with money.  How to manage your income and expenses, understanding your true position. Read more.


Helping you with what’s next…what are you retiring to?

Providing comfort and answers to questions such as:

Do I have enough to live my life the way I want?

Does my lifestyle need to change?

How to make plans for what’s ahead?

How do I transition from having a pay check to paying myself?

We are skilled in the areas of Superannuation, Pension plans, Home and Aged Care (independent and assisted living options) advice Read more.


Helping you grow your total wealth and your future.  We work with you to understand you and what is important to you – where you are at now and where you are aiming to be. We build your unique strategy based on you and your needs. Read More

Total Wealth Education

We educate you to help you learn and understand total wealth – your family wealth, health/physical wealth and financial wealth. We know financial wealth alone does not deliver you total wealth.  All must be in balance to optimise your total wealth. Read More

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