What make's a great relationship


Can we work together? This question usually comes down to account size and the amount you have to invest, however, we have found we work best with clients with the following traits:

  • You value us as your adviser for our counsel, our knowledge and intention to help you lead your best life;
  • You choose us to become your primary point of contact for all your financial needs and trust us to work collaboratively with your other professionals in finance, insurance, tax and legal matters;
  • You are ‘grounded’ in your understanding of investment management and see little value in trying to ‘time the market’, nor chasing ‘hot investment tips and returns’.  Investment management is about consistency and done meaningfully will produce your required outcomes;
  • You value and want for a long term financial partner.  You are future focused and forward thinking.  In our partnership you are open and transparent about your life, your goals and aspirations, your decisions, choices and past mistakes – in the belief that these are foundations in our relationship.
  • You are willing to take our advice and direction.
  • Live life
    with purpose, live your best life….