Our clients


“I have never been a confident person, my husband passed unexpectedly and I have never had to deal with money.  My Pieter had always taken care of everything.  I was embarrassed to not even know how to look up my bank account.  I was referred to you and when I met with you - I instantly felt your warmth and concern straight away - I gave you my trust (eight years ago) and you have held my hand through everything that is my life now.  I am grateful for meeting you and having you in my life, thankyou Helen, thankyou for who you are and what you do for me.”
Mark and Jen
“Helen Russo has been our financial planner for over six years now. We have been able to achieve a more stable financial situation, thanks to her wisdom and knowledge.  We now have a plan for the future and we credit Helen with helping us to create that vision - you help us sleep at night. Helen is very understanding and brings experience and “big picture” thinking to our situation.  Her ability to explain and describe has been essential to increasing our financial literacy.  Most importantly, Helen is very compassionate and caring, which provides an essential component to our relationship with her. We have recommended Helen to friends and family and will continue to do so.”
“The difference of having you in my life is simple…following my divorce and settlement, I found myself having more money than I ever had before.  Knowing how easy I would succumb to nibbling at that money, you planned and organised my finances that allows me to live my life - having holidays and plans for my future.  Not having made big financial decisions previously I feel empowered, have peace of mind and am confident of my future and retirement .. no longer is superannuation and retirement (will I have enough to live my life) a scary topic!”
Luc and Anna
“We have come to learn that everybody should have and needs a Financial Planner.  The skills and depth of knowledge a Financial Planner brings is not something you do yourself.  It is invaluable to have a trusted professional like our Financial Planner – Helen Russo, who is in touch with all the constant changes occurring in the financial world.  Helen brings her holistic approach when working with us along with great skill and care in applying her specialist sills to our current and future financial life plan”