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The ability to change and manifest your reality moves in direct relationship to your level of consciousness. If you desire your relationship with money to change, you need to be willing to look at how you arrived at the place you are now and as your awareness grows, begin to consciously carve the path to where you want to be.

The Mother/Father Mirror exercise is designed to help you explore the qualities, characteristics and energy that were present in each of your parents as you experienced them around money (use adjectives to describe. Example: My mother was generous, naïve, financially illiterate, deprived, etc.)

It is important not to censor this information, but allow yourself to be completely honest about your feelings and experiences. You will receive the best results by completing this exercise in a stream of consciousness manner. Begin by closing your eyes and visualizing each of your parents (or guardian, if you were raised by someone other than your parents) one at a time, beginning with your mother. Once you have formed a clear image of your mother, make a list of words that describe the qualities, characteristics and energy that you attribute to her. Use descriptive adjectives, words or phrases. Allow the words that describe your mother to come from your memory without analyzing it, until you feel complete and have nothing more to add to your list. Now, on a separate piece of paper, repeat this process for your father.

If you had a significant body of experience and money memory related to any other significant relatives, particularly grandparents, complete this same process for them as well.

Example Mother-Father Mirror:

  • Mother
    Status Oriented
    Never Enough
  • Father

Write Your Mother-Father Mirror Lists Below:

Mother - Words that describe my mother around money are:

Father - Words that describe my father around money are:

Any Others (such as Grandparents, etc) – Make your lists of any other relatives who figured prominently in your childhood relative to money below: