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Your living assets consist of all the things you’ve done that make you feel good about your life and all the qualities and characteristics that make you who you are – unique!

Think back to your early childhood and recall all the things you’ve done that you feel good about . . . moments when you shined. Make a list of all your accomplishments – no matter how small or insignificant you think they are – for each decade of your life. Include your age, if you can remember. Indicate the events that were magical or were an “aha!” moment. Take out some paper (or open a new document on your computer) and do the following:

1. Make a list of your life’s accomplishments from childhood to the present.

2. Now let’s consider your unique set of skills, talents, and abilities:

(a) Make a list of all the things you believe you are good at, such as your skills, gifts, talents and abilities. See the last page for some ideas to get you started. This inventory represents all the personal assets that you have acquired through life experience, education, and work experience. You own these assets outright – they belong to you fully and they are the most important assets you will ever possess. Note: This is NOT your attributes – those are for the next list.

(b) Next, assign a “Utilization or Leveraging” measurement from 1 to 10. If you use the skill, talent or ability every day and can’t possibly use it any more, it gets a 10. If you hardly ever use it or don’t at all, it gets a 1. Nothing gets a zero!

(c) Then, circle or highlight the top three items where you get the most charge or juice – where you get lost in time and can’t believe where the day went.

(d) Finally, put a big star next to the one thing that you feel you could step right into if your livelihood absolutely depended on it.

3. Describe your best qualities and personality characteristics. Again, see the last page for some ideas to get you started.

Congratulations! You just completed an inventory of your “living assets”. These represent who you are and the gifts you have to contribute to the world. These living assets are far more valuable than any tangible assets you could ever own or acquire. Who you are and your life’s experience are priceless assets that you carry with you always and which can never be taken away from you.

Ideas to Get You Started on Life Inventory Lists #2 and #3

Example Skills and Abilities: (For List #2)
• Communicate • Problem-solve • Develop relationships • Handle customers
• Initiate • Edit • Complete what you start • Listen • Supervise/co-ordinate projects
• Lead others • Translate • Paint • Work with numbers • Work with the computer
• Conduct meetings • Speak in public • Counsel others • Perform music
• Conduct research • Motivate others • Resolve conflicts • Write • Be a team player
• Entertain others • Sell • Plan • Drive • Negotiate • Be creative • Speak different
languages • And don’t forget your education, degrees and any licenses or certifications

Example Gifts and Talents: (For List #2)
• Acting • Astrology • Astronomy • Auto mechanics • Bird watching
• Boating • Calligraphy • Camping • Carpentry • Computers • Gourmet cooking
• Crafts • Dancing • Fishing • Flying • Genealogy • Home improvement • Spirituality
• Foreign languages • Writing • Painting • Drawing • Pet care • Photography
• Playing a musical instrument • Political involvement • Pottery • Sculpture • Singing

Example Personality Attributes (For List #3)
• Enthusiastic • Thoughtful • Trusting • Open-minded • Optimistic
• Understanding • Friendly • Relaxed • Patient • Supportive • Sense of humor •
• Cooperative • Assertive • Flexible • Sensitive • Tolerant • Curious
• Energetic • Polite • Adaptable • Persistent • Loyal • Sincere • Imaginative • Easy-going

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