Total Wealth Education

Education is the process of learning, the acquiring of knowledge, skills, values and beliefs.  We help you learn more about how money alone will not give you total wealth. Total wealth education is focused on understanding that wealth is measured by more than just dollars or by the amount of material worth held.  A truer measure is ‘he/she who gets the most out of life’.  Human beings are complex, this includes understanding your health and inner wealth wellness – a healthy mind, body and soul to achieve the most of what life has to offer.

We train in financial literacy, capability and education – you are welcome to learn in a safe and supported environment with us. All too often we meet clients who have been too afraid to seek advice because they feel insecure in what they know, or are embarrassed by previous choices made or for what has happened in the past.  We have a depth of experience and have worked with many people and their situations over time, we’ve seen all sorts of challenges, remember we are here to help, not judge.

There will be trade-offs in the choices and decisions you make.  These are better understood with education.  In all that we do, we will consider the options and look at the pros and cons of outcomes when working with you.  We prefer to consider the options rather than just take a single course of action.  Through education we gain knowledge, so together we learn.

We appreciate the financial world is complex, there is so much to know about financial matters and how the jigsaw of life fits together with these.  We champion financial education and will take the time to explain and help you learn along the way so that you will have confidence, and become informed to understand the choices you make.

Through research we have learnt how health impacts your financial well-being and life.  Inner wealth is part of the bigger picture – physical, spiritual and family.  We partner with other professionals in fields to compliment your learning, so you know more about what makes a difference.  We have a circle of like-minded partners including:

Counsellors, Coaches, Psychologists (of many disciplines), Therapists, Nutritionists, Well-being Consultants, Personal Trainers to name but a few.

We support you, your learning and evolution.

  • “The only thing in the way of the future you want is your willingness to learn”