Welcome to Encompass Wealth


Encompass means to surround or include comprehensively, and this is at the heart of the advice we provide. We are professional, practical and personable financial planners. Lifestyle focused financial coaches managing your values, vision and wealth to enable you to live your best life.


  • We are honest and act with integrity in all that we do;
  • We genuinely care for our clients;
  • We have empathy and compassion;
  • We are non-judgemental and respectful;
  • We are determined to make a difference and achieve results;
  • We focus on placing you in a better position for working with us.




We are different.


We listen, educate and support.
By building a deep understanding of who you are, your current position and future goals, we identify what is truly important to you. We explain your options so that you feel empowered to make critical and sometimes difficult decisions and act as your trusted partner in financial matters.


We strategise, design and build.
As we are not product aligned or influenced, we always provide strategy and advice that is in your best interests. Helping you achieve your needs and goals is our focus so we work with you and other advice specialists to create and implement a comprehensive long-term life plan.


We coach, guide and navigate.
We believe that wealth is about more than just money and only you can define what makes your life rewarding. As lifestyle focussed financial coaches, we build ongoing productive relationships that enable you to live your best life and help you through the changes to your life situation that happen along the way.


Encompass Wealth creates clarity, direction and certainty in your financial life giving you the confidence to attain your life vision.

  • Adding value to your life, guidance for your future,wealth, it’s more than money…

Dedicated to serving our valued clients


Bronwyn James


B Comm Administrator – our financial wizard with over 15 years accounting industry experience.

Janine McLean

Associate Adviser & Client Concierge

DipFS (FP)
Client Concierge and Associate Planner – drawing on a knowledge base of 17 years industry experience.

Carla Flint


BA, DipFS (FP)
Paraplanner – our story writer of Life Plans and drawing on 18 years industry experience.